My King: The Chalice of Tribute

“‘Twas a time of the Knight. When quests and fables abound. When man fought to live and lived for conquest. A time of trolls and dragons. Such lore that stirred the heart to seek out the truth.

“I was upon my first quest. To seek that which was denied many afore myself. Yet I found far more than that which was within my quest. I found one that would fight with me. That would teach me, though I be stubborn of it. One that would not fold about when the heart screeched of fear.


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Aaron and Tommy are best friends heading into their 12th summer. A simple bike ride turns into a scary adventure when they become aware of a secret plot to kill hundreds of thousands of people. But they can’t just tell anyone. Trust is a paramount issue. However, as 12-year-olds, there’s not much they can do on their own. But they are determined to not let that stop them. As they follow the clues they were given, they discover an ultra-secret organization known only as Blaqwatch. Before long, they are working side by side.


Born and raised in the Redwoods of Northern California, they find their backwoods fun turns into backwoods survival. The group behind the planned attack will stop at nothing to silence the boys. With limited help, they remain vigilant, determined to find out who is behind it and more


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Brandon Pierce is a business attorney. He works to make sure everything is done proper for a company in downtown Los Angeles. He is good 
with his life. 

Every summer, he takes his three kids to Yosemite for a week of camping. But this year, they went more

Malcolm “Hutch” Hutchford is a tough LA Police Detective. He’s fought every kind of criminal imagined. From thieves and murderers to gangs and drug pushers. Creeps of every kind and background. But nothing fully prepared him for his vacation.

By a series of both false and jumped conclusions, he finds himself more

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